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Läänemaa County is situated on the banks and shores of western Estonia. Our slogan is “Your safe nesting place”. In order to understand the slogan, it is good to know that 23% of the County’s territory, mostly wetlands and meadows, are under environmental protection. Nature has, for millennia, played an important role in Estonian spiritual beliefs, being perceived as a friend and a protector. We believe that one of man’s basic rights is to have access to nature. And this right goes hand in hand with the obligation to respect and protect the natural environment.
Läänemaa is a restful place, offering, at the same time, to its visitors a great natural and cultural diversity. Unspoiled nature, many historic monuments, the nearly 200 years long tradition of being a health resort, and unique cultural events are the pearls of the county. Our treasures are the Matsalu National Park, cultural heritage and our people. Many tourists visit Läänemaa to try a bit of bird watching or nature tours.

About villages
There are 233 villages in Läänemaa with around 50 active village societies. Hundreds of traditional events from recreational activities to cultural festivals are held yearly. This thankworthy voluntary work has kept Läänemaa villages and traditions alive and offered change from the everyday life. In order to keep the villages’ movement alive and to bring people back to the roots of country life, it is important to sow the seeds of hope today and to keep the flame alive.

Facts about Läänemaa
The total area of Läänemaa county is 2383 km² (5.3% of the Estonian territory). The county has all together 27 688 citizens, which makes 2% of the population of Estonia. There are 237 small islands and islets covering approximately 108 km² in the county. The length of the county’s coastline is about 400 km and the summarized coastline of all the islands is about 266 km.

Interesting facts
Vormsi – 93 km²; the name ‘Vormsi’ comes from the Swedish language and means “the snake island”.
Kasari – 112 km; the reinforced concrete bridge that was built over the river Kasari in 1905 was, with its 307 meters, the world longest bridge at the time.
Sutlepa sea – 298 ha; it is called a sea because it was separated from the sea at the beginning of 20th century.
Pikajala hill – 60 m; the hill is situated near Palivere village which is the capital of Läänemaa as far as winter sports are concerned.

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