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Measures and examples of supported projects

MEASURE 1. Maintained and safe living environment

 - Enhancing the security of the village of Risti through the creation of a video surveillance system

MEASURE 2. Promotion of recreational activities, informal education and lifelong learning
 - Construction of an indoor horse riding arena

MEASURE 3. Continuation of local cultural traditions
 - Restoration of a traditional windmill

MEASURE 4. People and business environment
 - Development and marketing rural tourism services in Läänemaa

MEASURE 5. Young people and the future in Läänemaa
 - Training camp and concert for young musicians from Läänemaa – „Bändkämp“ - web

MEASURE 6. Best use of the natural environment and local natural resources.
 - Construction of a bird tower in Kiideva village nature center - windows, doors, railings, stairs and landscaping works

MEASURE 7. Sea related activities
 - Maintenance of the village port and recreational area in Österby